Since its founding in 2001 Earth3000 has made numerous contributions to Innovations in Governance for Environment and Development. We have collaborated with other organizations in three interdependent fields of activity:

Biodiversity, Climate, Green Economy
Earth3000 engagements relate to conservation of nature, rainforest markets, innovative technological, policy, and funding mechanisms, and to social entrepreneurship. Past, long term engagements have included 7 years of Board Membership at the German GLS Bank, and 8 years of Membership in the Mitglieder-Versammlung of the Heinrich Boell Foundation, Germany.

Development Cooperation, Human Rights, and Culture
With its objective to further sustainable environmental stewardship, Earth3000 joins innovative organizations in fighting poverty, and in standing up for social and climate justice, respect for indigenous cultures and human rights, and preservation of World Heritage. Over many years Earth3000 has participated in the advancement of social entrepreneurship and impact investment, with leadership of the Global Exchange for Social Investment (GEXSI).

Academic Engagements
Earth3000 has promoted new environment & development related content of academic programs, among others related to (1) rainforests in Brazil, over 6 years as Amazon program coordinator at the Institute for Advanced Studies at the University of Sao Paulo, and (2) contributing to broader international development curricula, among others over 11 years as Advisory Board Member at Zentrum für Entwicklunsgforschung/Bonn University, Germany, and (3) as Chair of the Advisory Board of Dresden International University, since its beginnings in 2004.